I haven’t lost count of the number of sunsets

Since the angry mob visited

How they destroyed our houses

Turning them to ashes we never asked for

Momma sheltered me

And exposed herself to the wind

I closed my eyes so I could stop my tears from flowing

But when I opened them

Time was far spent

And momma was kidnapped by the war

I’m still waiting for momma

She promised to hold me tight in the cold

Even though she shivered

A jar of water turned to gold.

But mama would rather prefer I drank the last

Still waiting for momma

Cause my throat longs for more water

And my heart her love

I know she wouldn’t lie to me

I have sent messages to the wind

Giving my tears as a special price

I hope to see her beaming smiles again

And this time I will hold her more tightly

With my eyes wide opened

Still waiting for momma

Will you help me search ?

The heart cry of an orphan refugee

©Success Aisagbonbu


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