Plant What You Want — Source of Inspiration

A watermelon seed grows a watermelon not a peach or cucumber so why do we think complaining gossiping, whining, self-pity will grow happiness contentment, peace? You reap what you sow age old adage holds wisdom we need to understand and practice. Love produces love hate gives more of the same. It is as simple as […]

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16 thoughts on “Plant What You Want — Source of Inspiration

  1. Ihagh G. T. says:

    Great post: Wise words of wisdom

    I nominated your blog and 3 others for the award, but I didn’t inform any if you because of the responsibility attached to receiving it.

    Personally, I know that creating a post can be tiring at times, and that’s something I wouldn’t want any of you to face, especially after you might have received the same or similar awards several times in the past.

    Your blogs were listed because of they are highly valuable to me.

    Don’t bother making a post in order to receive it.

    just wanted to let you know about the nomination

    Thank you and regards.

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