Gentility means a social superiority as demonstrated by polite and respectable manners, behaviour, or appearances.

Gentility can also be refers to as the condition of social and spiritual approval.

All Christians are expected to be gentle in every area of their lives.

As a gentle Man;

*You must be reticent

*You must be self-effacing

*You must be peaceful and also a peacemaker

*You must be truthful and polite

*You must be willing to obey instructions

*You must take corrections

*You must be holy

*You must not love money

*You must be a person that trust the Lord

*You must be patient

*You must be hardworking

*You must be a worker in the house of God

*You must not be a street fighter

*You must love your neighbor and friends by bringing them to Christ

*You must be tolerance

*You must be neat

*You must be conscious of heaven

*You must be a man of one wife (monogamist)

*You must hate evil

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