A writer's touch


On a faithful Sunday morning
Heaven looked down to the earth below
Just to see his bride
She’s seated in church
Dressed in beautiful attires
But her heart has wandered far away
And heaven wept cause her soul
Heads to destruction
Where their worm dies not
For she’s waiting but isn’t ready

Physically she’s dressed in gorgeous clothing
Ironed and coupled with expensive perfumes
But her heart stinks like a morgue
And her garment is all torn revealing her secret parts
Her shoes are made in expensive gold and silver
But spiritually she works barefooted
In the deadly thorns of sin
But remember she’s supposed to be the bride of Christ
But adultery with the world engulfed her soul
She’s waiting but she isn’t ready

Just like the five foolish virgins of old
She dances to the sound of music in her church
And offer praise to heaven with…

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