A writer's touch


The gates flipped open on their own accord
They just returned from the rapture
With the Saviour at the fore front
Shouts of joy and hallelujah filled the air
As they walked on the streets of gold
She beamed with joyous smiles and laughter
And wondered if she could speak a little with the one who died for her on Calvary’s tree
In a blink He appeared before her saying with
love and compassion expressed with a warm embrace
Daughter you’re welcome
Into the New Jerusalem

In the New Jerusalem
There is no sorrow nor pain anymore
But joy and laughter fills the air everyday
In the New Jerusalem
We will work in the streets of gold
And we’ll get to see the Saints of old
Greeting each one
And the father of faith will be there to say hello
And walking side by side with our Savior

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