How Do We Know When God Speaks Or Guides Us?

Done with Religion

By Mike Edwards

It isn’t always easy to believe in an invisible God; it isn’t always easy to know how an inaudible God is speaking or guiding us. If God was more visible or audible, wouldn’t our spiritual journey be easier? Jesus established a 24-7 relationship with twelve men and they struggled to believe everything that came out of Jesus’ mouth. Today, God’s awing or overpowering presence may only lead to fearful obligations to obey. I am convinced the road traveled of learning and reflecting better leads to lasting convictions. Maybe God speaks to us in non-dramatic ways out of love!

We are right to look for God’s direction through God’s spirit.

It is reasonable to imagine that since God is invisible that God’s Spirit resides in us and somehow guides us. There is rightly an emphasis in Christian circles that God guides up by their Spirit as opposed to…

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22 thoughts on “How Do We Know When God Speaks Or Guides Us?

  1. stopociechblog says:

    We do not see the flowing human energy, and we believe that it is in us. And it flows through the Meridian ways and concentrates in the chakras. Not necessarily what you can not see, man does not recognize. It depends on the person. It is easy for one to believe in God, whatever he may be, depending on religion, tradition and education. Someone born in Egypt in a Muslim family finds it hard to believe in Jesus as a child. Conversely, for me who grew up in the Christian faith, it is difficult to practice Buddhism. I believe that there is one God, only people have claimed them differently, and they chose God and such a different prophet. The most important thing is that we believe in the Creator’s superiority. This is humility.

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  2. Mannu K-Gill says:

    Yes. God lives inside of our heart and soul. He command us to do right things and stay from the sins. God has given a human to follow humanity and morality. How we reach the God if we not care what he has given us. Don’t look God in the temple church or mosque because he live inside of us. He live inside of everyone who breathe.

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  3. hmaxwell217 says:

    This is something I needed to read today because I am struggling with my something. I cannot say my faith. It is something more. Pray for me

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