Who Has What?

Exploring Alura

In the beginning there were two groups of people.

First there were the Have-More(s). They were an interesting group of people. They felt right. They felt better. They felt they knew everything. In fact, they were so sure of what they knew, they knew they knew they were more than everyone else and therefore it was meant they should have more than everyone. Hence being the Have-More(s). It just felt right.

Then came the Have-Less(es). The Have-Less(es) were a wonderful group of people. They spent all their time worrying about love and fun and joy. They were always having a good time. No matter the less the Have-Less(es) found themselves to be in possession of, it was always just what they needed.

The Have-More(s) were a tricky bunch of people. The Have-More(s) could never decide what they needed to have more of. They always felt there was something to found…

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