Girl+Lady+Woman =World

Some women are still feeling that they’re useless in this life because of their limited roles in Politics or leadership. Now listen to me;

*You’re more precious than gold!

*The Savior Jesus Christ came to this world through you!

*Without you there will be no family!

*The world is incomplete without you!

*You’re the real definition of the society!

*You are more powerful than men!

*Men can not be complete without you!

*You’re the mother of the Kings, Queens, and President!

So, that is just a part of your importance.

Therefore, respect what is in you. Look unto Jesus, be a responsible mother, be a peacemaker, cherish holiness, avoid talkativeness, dress like a child of the living God, stop exposing your nakedness, be a good trainer, love other people’s children, don’t maltreat your house maid, teach your children how to pray and stop complaining.

Mother’s day is not biblical but Happy mother’s day…

I love you all.

30 thoughts on “Girl+Lady+Woman =World

  1. tsepotheview says:

    It’s about time women’s views be taken seriously and they should be given a fair chance in leadership positions as maybe they can do better in fighting against corruption but even so women must know her position and respect it…

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  2. hmaxwell217 says:

    All this is true, and easy to say. Words. Yet many men treat woman like property as they proclaim undying love for them. Nice post. Check out my blog. I’d be happy if you reblogged it.Thanks

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