Momo Challenge’s, Protect Your Children

What is happening in this world, what kind of person you are to hack youtube kids and to tell them to hurt them selves, to jump from the window and all the other horrible things? What is the Momo suicide game? And how to protect your children?

I didn’t knew it’s even exist, until my girlfriends daughters teacher at the kinder garden asked her, do check well what her daughter watching on youtube kids, because horrible things started to happen…

Schools have written to parents to tell them that Momo is popping up in seemingly innocent Peppa Pig episodes, as well as Fortnite, Minecraft and videos showing kids opening Kinder Eggs and other treats.

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19 thoughts on “Momo Challenge’s, Protect Your Children

  1. Nassima says:

    Yesterday I opened a new google tab browser and it showed recent news under the search tab, I saw this frightening photo and glimpsed Momo, I closed the tab and forgot even what I was looking for, so scary for adults already, is this the same as Blue fish game? Here too in Algeria many ennocent kids suicided after playing it,what kind of monsters are out there to do such terrible thing to ennocent kids,watch your kids guys, be careful,this world is freeking me out!

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