What’s Next: A Pattern Recognition Puzzle

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Pattern puzzle

Can you determine the next pattern in this pattern sequence?


In every row, the three images depict lines with 0, 1 and 2 intersections. That is, each row must contain an image with 0 intersection, an image with 1 intersection, and an image with 2 intersections.

The number of intersections of the images for the first two rows are in this order:

0, 2, 1
2, 1…

As for the third row:

1, 0, ?

It’s now easy to conclude that the answer has to be a figure that depicts 2 intersections. From the choices, figure C is the only choice that has 2 intersections.

A friend emailed this puzzle to me earlier this morning as a challenge. He said that only a “genius” could solve it (you know, like those claims you see on puzzles from Facebook). While I would admit that this made me think for a…

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