Obstetrics and Gynecology not limited to only Pregnancy

Ishan Acharya

A doctor specializing in gynecology is not only known for providing the right treatment and care for women through their phase of pregnancy but also for assessing and examining the female reproductive system or any parts in the female anatomy related to the same in cases other than pregnancy as well. Therefore the need for a gynecologist can arise at any hour of the day.

Role of a Gynecologist Doctor


Obstetrics and Gynecology | Image Resource : proprofs.com

The need for a doctor arises when a particular health condition arises. In women, it could be more intimidating as they are usually the home makers of the family even if they would be having a job as well. When the woman of the house falls sick the entire routine of the family gets adversely affected in case she does not have the benefit of any other domestic help.

Any problem related…

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