How To Implement A Digital World Language Course

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World Language Implementation Guides for Blended Learning, Fully Online, or Independent Exposure
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Sample Instructional Models to Fit Your Setting
Whether your student is learning in a blended learning, fully online, or an introductory setting, Fuel Education’s world language courses utilize authentic materials so students gain a strong base of comprehension and accelerate language acquisition.
Take a look at a sample instructional model from our blended learning classroom implementation:
45 minutes, 2-5 days per week
  • Whole Group Instruction – teacher explores theme, vocabulary, and module on interactive board
  • Individual Student Work – students complete online activities independently
  • Small Group Work – students practice language exchange together
  • Whole Group Wrap-Up – teacher summarizes lesson and answers questions
  • Check Understanding – students answer an “Exit Ticket” question linked to…

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