A Fairy Tale Dream,

Our Valid Thoughts

When I was little I used to wish I was a fairy.

With silvery, pink wings sprouting from my back,

To fly my to all the places my heart could ever desire.

I wished to have a home inside a flower,

The walls of petals so soft, I could use them as silk bed sheets

The stem would sway in the wind,

Gently rocking me to sleep

As the birds sang a lullaby so sweet in the night air.

With no shoes, I would take a walk in the forest,Β 

Feeling the damp soil under my toes.

Taking a dew drop from a leaf as a sip of water to start the day.

I’d have my little friends,Β 

A mouse to take me places,

A ladybug to tell me secrets,

A squirrel to share my nuts with,

A fish to teach me how to swim.

I used to…

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