Her Diary

Leaders speech

When unedited

Creates a ripple

The emergence

Called “Movement”

The outbreak culminating

into a “Revolution “


Two hundreds,

Mobs have emerged

Just like crawling out of cracks

Being named headless

Like sheep following the local farmer

Chased by the faithful dog

Gone are those days’

They are a “MOB”

A force to reckon with,

If their leader is out of mind,

And out of sorts,

Then the turn is against the taken sides’

Turmoil is the outbreak,

The barbed fence,

Doesn’t rip a clothing piece solely,

It mostly,

Holds on to

Raw pieces of a human kind

Maybe “one’s heart”

Skinned and scraped

Feases and minced insides’

Add to the imagery of,

The gruesome sights

The air spits no oxygen

Stop thy in the tracks

As no longer we associate ourselves’

With rods and thunder booted walks,

“What is this they ask?”

We say,


They nod…

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6 thoughts on “Mobbed

  1. diaryofnisha9 says:

    Honoured buddy I never thought today was my day as I came home I thought I had should delete this post and then this omg 😮 I am speechless on your honourable eye to once more pull me up all my sincerest prayers buddy may you get all you desire in this life and the eternal other my deepest meant thanks your buddy nisha

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