Gresham College: Professor Chris Whitty – Medicine At The Extremes of Life – #3/6 – Suffer The Little Children: How To Revolutionise Neonatal Care

The Inquiring Mind

About this series

A series of six lectures on medicine at one extreme of life, concentrating on some of the key diseases of old age.

About this lecture

Childhood globally, and in Britain, is now safer than at any time in recorded history, with childhood deaths falling rapidly almost everywhere. Neonatal deaths (those in the first 28 days after birth) have fallen, but much more slowly than in later childhood.

Worldwide, we are approaching a point where almost half of all deaths inchildrenunder 5 occur in the first 28 days (neonates), and most of these are in the first week of life. In the UK, most of those who die by the age of 20, do so in the first year, and the highest risk is on the day of birth.

This lecture will briefly outline the reasons for the fall in child deaths, and then examine in…

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