Canadian drug smuggler to face retrial after China says 15 years too lenient

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A Chinese court said Saturday that a 15-year jail sentence for a Canadian national charged with drug smuggling was too ?lenient? and remanded his case for a retrial.

The decision comes as Beijing and Ottawa remain embroiled in a diplomatic row triggered by Canada?s early December arrest of a senior executive from Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

canada embassy

Chinese police officers stand guard outside the Canadian embassy in Beijing on December 10, 2018. File photo: Greg Baker/AFP.

The high court in Liaoning, which heard Robert Lloyd Schellenberg?s appeal Saturday, said in a statement that a previous ruling in November, which sentenced him to 15 years in jail and a 150,000 yuan ($21,800) forfeiture, was ?obviously inappropriate? given the severity of his crimes.

Schellenberg played an ?important role? in drug smuggling and was potentially involved in international organised drug trafficking activities, said the court, and passed his case back to the lower Dalian…

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