8 reasons to read daily

Tips from Sharvi

Are you someone who craves information, reading many books, e-books, magazines, blog articles, social media posts, and so on? If you’re not reading enough or at all, then doing so will help you in many ways…

I’ve been reading even more, since I started my blog in January this year. I normally read more online resources than paper books (compared to my childhood days). However, I’m going back to reading books, alongside e-books, blog posts, and other online resources. Whatever be the form, I gain so much from reading!

1. Joy

Reading is likely to bring pure joy to the reader. Find something you’re interested in, get on a cozy couch, grab some coffee / tea / a smoothie, with your favourite snacks, and you’re off for a simple yet treasurable moment! In the process, you’ll gain so much too…

2. Information

Reading informative texts, coupled with illustrative videos, photos…

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