Traveling to Malta – Firsts Impressions – What to know before booking your trip

Hack* Lady

What I’m about to say might sound harsh, but the first step towards enjoying your trip to Malta is to ignore 99% of travel guides youfind online.
And I talk from experience.
You see, before we booked out flight to Malta I’ve spent approximately 2 weeks researching this destination andI plannedeverything out beforehand.
All the articles I read and all the pictures I saw (especially on Instagram) slowly pictured Malta as the unique exotic paradise my heart eager so badly to discover…

So, what exactly went wrong than?

Well, for starters,instead of exotic green, tall palm trees and colorful buildings, Malta majestically shocks you with the exact opposite.
Monocoloured buildings everywhere, clogged in this mysterious and silent atmosphere that immediately gives you the feeling that you stepped few centuries back in time, and are now hopelessly lost somewhere in the Middle East.

traveling-guide-malta-velleta-do-and-donts-tips-cheap (4)

Don’t get me wrong now.. In my mind’s…

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