5G services to appear by 2020: Department of Telecom


to recent reports, government in India expects that they shall complete the
processes associated with 5G spectrum auction by August 2019 and services for customer
are likely to be rolled out by the year 2020.

talking about the same, Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan stated, “TRAI has
given a preliminary set of recommendations, which the working committee at the
Department of Telecommunications is looking at. Task force has also given a
broader set of (spectrum) bands on which we have to work. Everybody has said
that since the ecosystem is not ready, 5G will be ready after July-August next

There is
lot happening around the issue. Amid innumerable barriers involved and financial
crisis period faced by the telecom industry, one of the biggest players in the
market, Vodafone Idea has recently urged government not to hold auctions before
2020. According to them, we need to develop quality ecosystem…

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