When Ego Dies, A Noble Human is Born


…by Andrew Cohen

Is it possible to attain a state where the ego actually dies? Well, i’ve met one or two people in my life in whom it appeared that this had occurred – the ego had literally dissolved. But in those rare cases, i don’t think it was a result of the individuals’ own choice or effort – it was more like a spontaneous combustion, an act of grace.

So i do believe that death of ego is possible, but i don’t think it is an attainable goal. If something like that is going to occur, it’s beyond our control, and it’s extremely unlikely for most of us. I don’t personally think it’s possible for anybody, through the power of their will alone, to eradicate the ego completely. But the point is, it doesn’t really matter. If you are willing to face and take responsibility for your ego’s self-centred…

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