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I dedicate this poem to the children who are victims of child marriage. Nothing will change until we act.

My vocal chords were ready
But my heart was edgy
Mama read me the story of malana
A lad that speaks for the voiceless
Voiceless I am
As papa arranged the wedding
Though it was trending
But my heart wasn’t ready
I prayed for deliverance like
A babe longing for her mother’s breast
And my chest became a crest of dead bones
School became a history
Child marriage is a curse I said
Child marriage has beheaded the future
I have always pictured
Papa said he is a good man
As he arranged the flowers on the wall
I could see nothing but a gall
And the vessel of my soul got broken
Like broken eggs can never be regained
And behind the curtains
I heard the chuckles of…

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