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Caught in the bed of ignorance
The chains of arrogance
Held tightly to my wrist
I languished in the bed of sin
Cause i have tasted the other side of the world
Though it tastes sweet in my tongue
Never knew i was wrong
Suddenly my accusers appeared
Like the evil beast of Hades
Dragging me to best of judgement
And there he was
I heard love speaking
My night turned into day
And it was brighter than the moon
Love held me so strongly
Even though i did wrongly
Abundantly he washed my dirty robe
And we rode into heaven’s gate
As he whispered into my ears
Woman where are your accusers?
Hath no man condemned?
Tears couldn’t help but to burst my eyeballs
As I whispered back
No man Lord
Neither do I child
He said wrapping me into the paradise of…

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