Speak Up for a Better Society

Voices of Youth Cambodia

By Ing Sopheap,


©Howard Lake/2011/CC BY-SA 2.0

“It’s impossible to change the world or a society. How are we going to change the mindsets of millions of people? So why don’t we just stay silent, or ignore and go along with the status quo?” Some people may say so because they are the privileged ones, unaffected by the current situation.

Change is certainly possible, but it won’t happen overnight, nor come easy. It takes decades of combined efforts and commitments to achieve that. And one of the important ways that you can contribute to change is by speaking up.

We speak up to raise awareness for social issues and call upon other people to join us on addressing those issues. We can voice out our concerns as well as speak on behalf of those whose voices are unheard. We want to improve the welfare of the entire society…

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