Nigerian Peoples

Ada Priscilla Nzimiro, MB ChB (April 30, 1923 – March 22, 1951), a graduate of the University of Glasgow, was the first Igbo woman doctor using modern medical practices in the Igbo region of Eastern Nigeria after her graduation in 1950.

Of Ugwuta (Oguta) ancestry, she was born in Port Harcourt to Richard Okwosha Nzimiro, a politician and the first indigenous mayor of Port Harcourt from 1956 till his death in 1959, and his wife Mary Nwametu Onumonu (1898–1993), a wealthy merchant (initiated by her mother Madam Ruth Onumonu, a wealthy oil palm merchant), political activist, and member of the NCNC who galvanised Igbo women for the Biafran war effort in the late 1960s and lost all her landed properties in Port Harcourt after the war due to her role in trying to divide the country.

Nzimiro left Nigeria for The University of Glasgow in 1945 to study Medicine and…

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