Throwback Thursday: Five Favorite Posts from 2018

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If I’m looking for inspiration, I need look no further than my Reader for incisive reads, beautiful poetry, and hand-made art to spark my curiosity and fuel my creativity. As 2018 closes, I’m highlighting five favorite posts and I invite you to share the pieces that spoke to you this year.

“Wind” by Robert Okaji

Robert Okaji is a prolific poet who publishes his work at O at the Edges. In “Wind,” I read not only about air moving at speed and irrevocably changing everything it touches; I also sense the deep feeling and transformation of a passionate encounter. It’s a lovely poem made of many layers.


That it shudders through
and presages an untimely end,

that it transforms the night’s
body and leaves us

breathless and wanting,
petals strewn about,

messenger and message in one,
corporeal hosts entwined,

that it moves, that it blends,

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