To advocates of Black tax

Gorata Selaledi Writes

🌸Good morning and Namaste.. It feels like a Monday in a good way.. It’s Friday though.. Had the day off yesterday and got to go renew my license and actually thought about blogging about it but guess it’s a story for another day… 🌸

Soooooooooooooooo… Yesterday we watched a show on breaking stereotypes. The topic for the day was depression. Among other things that were said on the issue someone spoke of black tax being a factor for depression and my cousin asks me… What is black tax?

I couldn’t give a dictionary definition because honestly didnt know it because I hadn’t looked it up but took the liberty of clearing my ignorance and this is what I found

img_7804Black South Africans who make good have the “financial burden of taking care of extended family.

So I wasn’t so far from the tracks. The thought process was enlightened by

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