By Uper Gabriel and Michael Ogazie.

By theoretical insights, there are three types of money:

*There is gold – God’s money.
*There is the dollar – governments’ money.
*Then the newest type of money…

“Cryptocurrency” – the people’s money.

Crypto was created to bypass all the government and corrupt elites’ interference and corruption and hopefully…

Share the massive wealth with the world.

Crypto was created to be a modern-day Robin Hood.

It does not steal wealth from the rich but it makes a level playing field so we all have a chance at wealth and success.

In the past, financial elites (bankers, barons, and politicians) were able to hoard the wealth created during economic revolutions.

Back then the most valuable companies were related to infrastructure, natural resources, mining. Good luck investing in those businesses early unless you were a Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, or Carnegie.

But today there is an economic revolution exploding and cryptocurrency has been born out of that revolution!

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherum, Doge etc have been taken to the market to exchange it for fiat (currency note) which has given the cabals or elite the second chance for manipulation and exploitation. Meanwhile, it has made some of the altcoin (Market coin) a gambling considering the ups and down of the coin today.

But the world is happy with the newest technology that has come for “RESTORATION” which is THE BILLION COIN (TBC) AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE TAKEN IT’S ADVANTAGE. The community is based on membership agreement which is that the coin can’t go down as it increases with the number of people coming to the community. Fluctuations unlike Market coin mentioned above is not tolerated which made the coin or blockchain super exceptional,

It’s first mission is to end global poverty splendid!

This is great news. Unlike any time prior to the internet age, average hard working people with the right information, can benefit from this economic revolution.
Uper Gabriel and Michael Ogazie

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