For the Love of Haiku

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Many of us fell in love with haiku trying our hands at poetry for the first time in elementary school. The 17-syllable form is simple and accessible, yet offers room for depth, nuance, and beauty in a tiny space. Today, we’re delighted to share five favorite haiku from poets around

“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”
— Robert Graves


We loved the spare imagery and chilling ending to author Tanya Cliff?s poem, “Spooky Haiku #2,” as well as the photo she took to illustrate it:

wind rustles the leaves

strips the branches down to bark

then skeletons dance

Photo by Tanya Cliff

Literary Lemonades

Poet Neha Sharma?s haiku generated some wonderful discussion as readers offered their interpretation of her haiku, “In One Piece?:

Through the window bars,
the moon appears in one piece.
She decides to leave.

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