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As the sun shines it’s brightness; the heart of every man is awakened to work and the day’s job. Men and women are all dressed up in clothes, and fanciful attires, smiles are pasted on their faces and they exchange pleasantries. But for instance their hearts were opened and scanned with an X-ray that detects pain and anguish, you will discover that in the heart of every man at least 75% of mankind there’s a void. A void that makes the heart bleed,a void that makes pillows to be soaked with tears, their past hunts them each day. Many have gone through traumas, sexual molestation, incurable diseases, betrayal,rejection,disappointments, relationship failures. All this and more eats more into the heart of an individual creating a void that can never be filled by hugging, good clothes, eating good food. It is the shrill scream of an anguish soul that can’t be heard…

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