Slave of Righteousness


Happy Thursday! Almost the end of the week you’ll!

In August I joined a small group from church that meets every other week for bible study.  Last Friday,  after a delicious Asian meal, we discussed what it meant to abide in God. We decided that aside from our daily devotional we were going to at least memorize one verse weekly. This is one area I lack in my spiritual life but, know it’s necessary. So I am up for the challenge even though I struggle to keep my girls’👭name straight lol.

I’ll probably be memorizing the scriptures I occasionally post here from my bible journaling. However the first verse I want to engrave in my heart is Romans 6:18

Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.

I want to remember who I serve. As humans we have the ability to choose our actions. However if…

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