Devotional (Prayers)

From The Darkness Into The Light

The prayers that accompany this devotional are structured around the four steps of prayer: praise, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. In this devotional, we’ve added a fifth section, petition, to allow you to pray scripture for yourself. When you follow the Moms in Prayer four-step prayer process day by day, you will learn to invite God’s power into every area of your life. It all starts with praise…
First Things First: We Start with Praise
How do you define a prayer?

Is it a quick plea as you dash into an important meeting? Or maybe it’s a deal you try to make with the Lord when money is tight—something like “Lord, if You help us make our rent this month, then I’ll be sure to attend church this weekend.” Or maybe you’ve given up praying all together, because You think God’s just too busy to be bothered with the likes of…

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