Nurturing Great Kids, Day 16

From The Darkness Into The Light

Today’s reading is drawn from Colossians 1:17.

He Holds Things Together

What ultimately holds a family together? The obvious things like time together, love, patience and kindness come to mind, but the real super glue that helps a family stick together is by loving and believing in Jesus Christ.

Look around. There are families falling apart everywhere. There are neighborhoods disbanding because of divorce and the residual effects from it. That in turn is causing communities and countries to suffer.

And the one thing that would help in holding people together is Jesus Christ. It sounds simplistic, but he is where we can find hope and healing. If your family can maintain their integrity to the cause of Christ, then your family has great potential to make a difference for Christ. If other families are inspired by your example, then family by family we can turn the tide—start a…

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