Changing Our Travel Impact

zero judgment • zero waste

I’ve read a lot about sustainability on the go — folks go to impressive lengths to cut down their plastic consumption and reduce their carbon footprint while travelling. Having just returned from a few weeks of being on the road myself, I’m reflecting on the low-waste efforts I found valuable and actionable.

Travelling low-waste is obviously a challenge! Life is full of uncertainties, and it can be anxiety-inducing to expect that between lodging, eating out, and transportation you’ll make zero trash. But you can try to reduce that impact!

Here are a few things I was able to do while jetting around, what I’ve seen or heard of others doing, and how I want to improve in the future.

The Low-Effort, Low-Waste:

Gestures that are easy to remember & limit excess waste:

  • Carry your water bottle everywhere! Unless you’re travelling in remote locations, you should have access to clean drinking…

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