The Concept of Time

The literati mafia

Time is a powerful force that controls our existence. Every moment in which we are alive and conscious has been given a numerical label. The cycles of human behavior have been etched by the concept of time: when we sleep and wake, when we eat, when we celebrate birthdays and other anniversaries, how we define being late or early. We see time as a continuous, regular, and omnipresent measurement. But what if it is not? What if, time is actually an illusion?

For some reason, it is easier for me to imagine the physical world as an illusion. Since it is only something that the brain creates for us based on it’s best guess of what the electrical impulses in neurotransmitters imply, it is easier to comprehend the real world as possibly being something different, and if you close your eyes, it’s not even there anymore. But what about time?…

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