How To Give Constructive Feedback

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Some people seem to think that ‘feedback’ on work means pointing out everything that was done ‘wrong’.

These people have a very poor grasp of how their actions impact others, and the weight behind their words. I avoid them as much as possible.

Because it IS possible to give kind, constructive feedback! You just require a little emotional intelligence, and some forethought.

Consider how your words will be read, don’t just assume the recipient ‘knows what you mean’ unless you’re best friends who hang out for an hour a week for at least 5 weeks.
Very few editors and mentors can do this.
(Even with my own husband, who lives with me, I am careful with my feedback so there are no misunderstandings. The occasional one still occurs!)

The best way to give constructive feedback is to ‘sandwich’ your feedback. For everything you wish to correct, find something…

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