Cuba’s new constitution

Repeating Islands

3042In “Cuba ditches aim of building communism from draft constitution,” Reuters (The Guardian) reports on a draft of Cuba’s new constitution, which omits statements on building a Communist society, recognizes private property, and “opens the door” to same-sex marriage, although it keeps the Communist party as a guiding force. Here are excerpts from The Guardian:

Cuba’s national assembly was this weekend debating a draft of the document to replace its Soviet-era constitution, reflecting political, social and economic changes designed to make its brand of socialism sustainable.

Once lawmakers have approved the draft, it will be submitted to a popular consultation. The final document, which could include changes, will then be put to a national referendum. The draft omits a clause in the 1976 constitution on the ultimate aim of building a communist society, instead simply focusing on socialism. “This does not mean we are renouncing our ideas,”…

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