Two Well-Curated Sites to Explore — and What They Teach Us about Sharing Others’ Content


In a web increasingly dominated by algorithm-driven walled gardens, it’s always a delight to wander into a website full of art, stories, and ideas someone has collected with care. The two WordPress sites we feature today are great destinations to lose yourself in — but they can also teach us how, no matter what kind of site we manage, there are things to keep in mind when focusing on content that others have created.

The Public Domain Review

Why should you visit?

As a site that bills itself “an ever-growing cabinet of curiosities for the digital age,” The Public Domain Review offers visitors a deep archive of essays, collections, and other media that focus on historical artifacts and less-known (but no less fascinating) stories from centuries past. From old maps to Victorian book embroidery, the site invites us to take a plunge into topics we might know…

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