Straight-ticket voting needs a rethink 

On 30 July, Zimbabweans will take to the ballots to vote for new members of Council, Parliament and, of course, the big one, the President of Zimbabwe.  Our country has become increasingly polarised with toxic politics taking the forefront.  Its either you’re with us or against us. There is no middle ground.  That mindset is what enables citizens to be manipulated by politicians and political parties.

In November 2017, Zimbabwe ushered in a ‘new dispensation’.  Part of the new dispensation should not just be about politicians and political parties, but also most importantly the citizens themselves in changing how we pick people who should lead us.  A change in straight ticket voting or voting up and down the ballot would be key.  Straight ticket voting leads to laziness in political parties and especially candidates because it guarantees seats and wins which they may not be deserving of.  Harare City Council…

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