Ultra-Orthodox Men Delay Two More Flights Until Women Agree To Move From Their Seats


Austrian_Airlines_Logo_(2013).svgWe have previously discussed flights delayed by Jewish ultra-Orthodox who refuse to sit next to women.  Rather than remove these men for delaying a flight, airlines bizarrely coerce women to yield to their demands in moving their seats.  Just a week ago, an El Al flight was delayed by ultra-Orthodox men refusing to take their seats.  Now, an Austrian Airlines plane was delayed at Ben Gurion Airport for 40 minutes late due to the refusal of 26 ultra-Orthodox men to be seated by women.  Again, there is no consideration for the other passengers, particularly the women who are singled out for requests to move to other seats to accommodate these men. Worse yet, because Austrian Airlines decided to accommodate the demands of these men, other passengers missed their connecting flights.  

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