Apostolic Succession and the Bishop of Rome: A Case for Roman Catholicism

Disputed Questions


In a post a few weeks ago, I presented a historical argument in defense of apostolic succession. Basically, apostolic succession is the view that Christ handed his own divinely validated authority on to his apostles, who likewise handed the same authority on to further successors.

In that post, I presented apostolic succession as a solution to the “problem of revelation.” The problem, in short, is how to ground our trust in the authority of divine revelation. Christians believe that we have access to truths which are in principle unknowable by reason alone, and which are only capable of being known through divine revelation. But how can we know whether something actually is divine revelation? For example, most Christians believe Scripture contains divine revelation. Why? One possible answer might be that Scripture claims to contain divine revelation and what Scripture claims is true. In that case, we would need some justification…

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