Best Chromebook for Students in 2018


  • Best overall
  • Best for younger students
  • Best on a budget

Best overall

Lenovo Chromebook 500e


See at Lenovo

A student needs a laptop that is reliable, affordable and robust. The Lenovo Chromebook 500e is all that and more. The Chromebook 500e was designed for students to carry back and forth to class without worry because of its rugged build. Features like a 360-degree hinge and excellent pen support make it the best Chromebook for any student. This is a deal at around $300.

The bottom line: The Chromebook 500e is great for any student. Chrome and Android app support, an excellent keyboard and screen optimized for pen input make it our best pick overall for students.

One more thing: Lenovo makes a 100e and 300e, both of which offer nearly as much for a little bit less money.

Why the Lenovo Chromebook 500e is the best

The Chromebook 500e was…

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