Sonic weapons are real

Additional survival tricks

Sonic weapons are real

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Sonic weapons are real.

1. Theory

When you send to sound beams at 200,000Hz and 203,000Hz onto an object, that object WILL hear the beat frequency of 203,000Hz – 200,000Hz = 3,000Hz.
This is caused by the non-linear response of most materials, including the earlobes of the unsuspected victims.

The principle is familiar to radio amateurs and is known as demodulation using ring diodes to produce Intermediate Frequency from higher received and local oscillator’s frequencies.

2. Why should an attacker use two ultrasound beams.

Using two beams of ultrasounds avoids the appearance of obvious assault by loud noises, which is illegal in most country. Each ultrasound beam is also undetectable by ordinary people!


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