Editorial: 5 things that are killing journalistic integrity


weinstein_via_buffalo_broadcasters_assnb_0 Irv Weinstein

When I was a child, I had a favorite news anchor. In my single digit years, I grew up in Lockport, NY, watching WKBW and I was fascinated by Irv Weinstein. Whether it was his voice, demeanor, or simple presence that glued me to the 5 o’clock news, I’m not sure. But watching Irv ignited a lifelong interest in the news and journalism in general.

This love for the news spilled over into becoming obsessed with radio, and as an adult I pursued and earned an Associate’s Degree in Mass Communications/Journalism. Along the way, I wrote for the college newspaper and interned at a local talk radio station. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Of course, when one is fully invested in something, it is difficult to not be critical of aspects of it. As I learned more about how the news media worked and how it…

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