Sinking Sands

The Drunken Writer


Struggling or force is the worst way, to come out of a sinking situation. In relatable terms, it’s stupid to actually struggle to get out of sinking sand. Anybody, anyone is capable of getting into a situation where it seems like, there is no possible solution out, or way to tackle the issue.

My idea for this subject topic is based on energies we get, from association and situations where we force ourselves to provide a solution to a problem, when all we need to do is wait.

There is no human being, who doesn’t have an issue or problem to deal with, of which we get lost sometimes, and seek for answer but rather than finding them, we find ourselves going deeper and deeper into our existing issues.

Most times, this arises from self-development, whereby we become emotionally drawn to the situations happening around us, triggering anxiety and in…

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