The Media’s Worst Nightmare

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Vassar Bushmills

This is not so much my fervent wish than my best guess.

It will take a few years to play out as the case load will be heavy, a select stream of a star-studded cast of men and women who have already earned stars on the Establishment Politic’s Boulevard-of-Fame.

Out of sight, alongside them, will be a much larger group from deeper inside the catacombs of the bureaucracy, names as anonymous as Peter Strozk and Lisa Page once were, or names like Papadopolous or Halper, each now known because of a media leak of a confidential source. They will accept a variety of plea-offers in exchange for evidence, and will also face their day in court, only with less fanfare.

Dozens, perhaps even hundreds more, will resign or retire, some maybe with full benefits, depending on their  relative guilt and their contributions to the prosecution.

Still, tens of thousands more in the federal government already go to…

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