The Solar Eclipse That changed the way we see the world: Einstein and Eddington a Fine Collaboration

Kattyayani's Travelling Circus

On this day May 29, 1919, just one year shy of a century mark a young Astronomer, Arthur Eddington who was known as England’s top measurement man was at the Gulf of Guinea looking up at a very fateful sky.

It just seems like yesterday when I was a child looking up at the sky. For a friend in between the endless shades of black and blue. It feels like something I shared with the first Astronomers. But I wasn’t ever so lucky to feel the rush of being able to fathom the secrets about our cosmos and understand the ultimate masterpiece that is The Universe.

I found the answer to my questions in books and through expert documentaries and other AV media. As the information sources and channels expanded, thanks to the internet, the thrill of figuring out has receded, it is almost near to nothing.

But in times…

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