Hacking Out Of Binary: Day 14 Patch


Date: 29th May, 2018
Subject: 30yo, non-binary
Event: Waterworks Update
It’s been two weeks now since I started Hormone Replacement Therapy to transition into a state that feels more comfortable and more me as a non-binary individual. Two weeks of rapid change physically and emotionally has me suspecting that this entire transition is going to be an unending period of new feelings and experiences.

HRT Dosage has remained the same: 25mg of Cypro and 4mg of Oestradiol (taken 2mg in the morning with the Cypro, 2 at night). Along with my Lexapro this has been a steady routine to take everything I need every day and having everything scheduled has helped my anxiety. Always a plus.


The most obvious change so far has been around my emotions. Suddenly I’m feeling a lot more sensitive about outside stimuli; smaller things that didn’t get to me are now prominent, big things nigh…

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