Digital Diversity: All Walls Must Fall


Location: Berlin
Date: November 2089 - The Cold War

Technology allowing the manipulation of time has resulted in the Cold War never ending; with each move to bring it to some kind of conclusion endlessly countered and preventing a break in the stalemate. The people have lived for decades in the knowledge that the war could suddenly heat up, ending them all.

A nuclear strike by a rogue group threatens the fragile truce.  Both sides send special agents back in time to prevent a fiery apocalypse by any means possible.

Welcome, Agent. I hope you’re ready for this.

AWMF2 Exploration is essential. Every new room gives you the Time you need to complete your mission.

An isometric tactical game of a different breed, All Walls Must Fall by InBetweenGames uses the beat of the music as its primary resource for exploration, actions, combat and tactics. Through the reconnoitering of Berlin’s gay nightclubs…

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