Australian military base pollution causing cancer

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Jenny and Terry Robinson, victims of Australian military base pollutionFrom the World Socialist Web site in New South Wales, Australia:

Official report “just a fob off”

Australia: Residents denounce government response to PFAS health disaster

By our correspondents

29 May 2018

WSWS correspondents recently spoke with Terry and Jenny Robinson, who have lived in Williamtown near an Australian air force base for 17 years. The property is within the “red zone” established by the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority in 2012 after soil and water tests indicated high concentrations of PFAS chemicals (see: “Australian government reports whitewash responsibility for toxic foam crisis”).

Property prices in the area have plummeted and there are serious concerns over the health impacts associated with the chemicals. Jenny is one of a number of residents suffering from cancer.

WSWS: What do you think about the government health report’s dismissal of the dangers of PFAS chemical contamination?

Terry Robinson: I personally…

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