A year ago today: an extract from ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Adrian Masters

This is an extract from my book about covering the 2017 General Election ‘Nothing Has Changed’ which you can buy direct from my publisher here. When I came to write the book I realised that this was one of the most extraordinary days and nights of excitement, drama and raw emotion that I have ever known in my career. It recounts the day of the ITV Cymru Wales Election Debate (which you can watch here if you’re interested), the preparations at Stanwell school in Penarth, rehearsal and the debate itself along with the way we were all brought up short immediately it was over when we found out about the sudden death of the former First Minister Rhodri Morgan. I still can’t quite believe what happened and I certainly can’t believe that it happened a year ago today.

Wednesday 17th May

Stanwell School’s theatre is a hive…

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